• If I don’t get distracted with one thing – it’s something else. This is truly awesome for Lord of the Rings and Hobbit fans – of which I am a huge one. Just in time for the release of The Hobbit – The Desolation of Smaug. The creative folks at Warner Brothers, North Kingdom, and… [Continue Reading]

    Journey through Middle Earth – Google Chrome Experiment
  • Oh my goodness, what have I gotten myself into? I’m sitting here with a coffee, and reading over the instructions – The build is probably pretty straightforward, I’m really not too concerned about that. What I am frozen on though now is what could be a really important finishing decision. My initial thought when I… [Continue Reading]

    The Fairy House Project – Day 1
  • I’ve been extraordinarily inspired by watching Donna Downey’s Wednesday Inspiration Videos. When she starts her weekly video, I find that what inspires me most – is that she just goes with the flow. There is usually no set idea formed, and she allows each little bit of inspiration feed the next, plus she’s freakin’ hilarious.… [Continue Reading]

    Art Journal in Progress
  • Or should I say trying to organize. It’s been one of those days – dull, drizzly, and incredibly dis-tractable. I’ve spent the week knuckled down in a WordPress learning curve, now that those tasks are done (yay!) – all I really want to do is play around in the studio. Sadly, that won’t happen this… [Continue Reading]

    Weekend Organizing
  • “Delicious Autumn! My very soul is wedded to it, and if I were a bird I would fly about the earth seeking the successive autumns.” George Eliot Autumn – my favourite time of year! Cozy sweaters, fuzzy socks, and soup. Nothing beats coming home to a heartening bowl of soup, especially when paired with some… [Continue Reading]

    Top 25 Fall/Winter Soup Recipes

Make A Wish – Art Journal Entry

Make a wish - art journal entry

It seems I’ve become a bit of a Deviant Scrap addict. Make A Wish is a digital collage I created with elements and papers from TumbleFish Studio. As I was working on it I thought of a quote I half remembered from JK Rowling – it took a bit of time to find it, but [...]

Digital Art Journal – Queenie

Queenie Art Journal Entry

My paper and art journal obsession has completely taken over my brain for the moment. It’s been a crappy long winter, but completely conducive to hibernating with my computer and creating digital art. My latest  art journal entry – Queenie. Image credits to the highly talented Marsha  Jorgensen of Tumble Fish Studio. I think I [...]

Pixel Scrapper February Blog Train


Good morning! I wanted to share a little kit I made for the February Pixel Scrapper blog train. The theme this month (of course) is a valentine ‘Be Mine’. All of the participants create a digital scrapbooking kit that is free to download and create with. These would be perfect for making cards to give [...]

Free Digital Butterfly Art Print


Good morning! I’ve been quiet here as of late, as I’ve been working non stop on a few different projects and classes (a few – ha! I’ve kind of overwhelmed myself) . It’s been quite exciting, but I’m looking forward to things slowing down a wee bit so that I can get back in the [...]

Balance – warm up journal page and an artist guardian

Balance - my artist guardian - Life Book 2014

Balance – my word of the year. One of the courses I’m currently taking online (Life Book 2014 – Willowing.org), had us start off the year choosing a word for the year – a word that most resonates with you/your goals/your desires. Balance is something I’ve long striven for (and never actually achieved). It may [...]

Happy New Year!


Here’s to a year of new beginnings, learning, and heaps of creativity. Looking back on 2013, it was a year of exploration – I’ve been drawing, painting, playing with glass, clay and metal – and enjoying every moment of it. The classes I’ve been taking online have opened up a whole new world of creative [...]

Art Journal Entry – and confessions of a class junkie – again

Art Journal Dec 16 2013

Again, I need to stop – really. I think i’m in complete class overload now, and I have one more that I *need* to sign up for as well. I just signed up for a Jessica Sprague class on blog design. I’ve always really struggled with that, and it takes me forever to tweak the [...]

Art Journal Entry – December 15th 2013

Art Journal Entry Dec 15 2013

  Good morning! I decided to try out a zentangle  inspired page in art rage. I don’t normally do zentangle type doodles, as I have pretty severe carpal tunnel which acts up whenever I do it on paper. Doing it digitally was not any different. If I attempt it again, i’ll go smaller – this [...]

Art Journal Entry December 14

Art Journal December 14 2013

  I’m still enjoying playing around in Art Rage – I suspect that most of my art journal entries for at least a few weeks will be done digitally. It is good to have an end to journey toward, but it is the journey that matters, in the end. So – who wrote this? Ernest [...]

Art Rage Obsession

Art Journal December 13th 2013

I remember hearing about Art Rage software for the Ipad ages ago – but not having an Ipad, I forgot all about it.  Early this morning while I was pinning a bunch of gorgeous digital art journals – I came across this software again…and it’s available for both mac and pc! I purchased it this [...]